Precious Metals Trading: Chloroiridic Acid Recycling Prices

Chloroiridic acid is a black-brown powder with relatively good stability, and it is widely used in industrial catalysts. Its waste mainly comes from chemical plants, laboratories, or during the production of catalysts. After using chloroiridic acid for chemical reactions or producing catalysts in these places, the remaining waste will contain chloroiridic acid.

Precious Metal Recycling
The price for recycling chloroiridic acid is generally determined by the current trading prices of precious metals like iridium, plus the content of iridium metal in the chloroiridic acid. Typically, if the iridium content in the chloroiridic acid exceeds 35%, the recycling cost will be lower, and therefore, the recycling price will be higher.

For example, if today’s recycling price of iridium is $110 per gram, then its minimum theoretical recycling price would be $38.5 per gram. In actual recycling, we need to take the cost of recycling into consideration, so the price might be lower than $38.5 per gram.

I hope this information provides a new understanding of chloroiridic acid recycling and that this knowledge can be helpful to everyone interested in precious metals trading.